Scientific Program Chairs

Scientific Program Chairs

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Konstantin V. Slavin, MD

Scientific Program Chair

Robert M. Levy, MD, PhD - Scientific Program Co-Chair

Robert M. Levy, MD, PhD

Scientific Program Co-Chair

Stana_Bojanic copy

Stana Bojanic, BSc (Hons), MB BS

Scientific Program Co-Chair

Section topics and co-chairs

Innovations in Neuromodulation (Pre-conference)

G. Baranidharan, FRCA, FFPMRCA
Philippe Rigoard, MD, PhD

Noninvasive Brain Stimulation (Pre-conference)

Eric Wassermann, MD

Public Neuromodulation Education Event

Chris Honey, MD, DPhil
Keith MacDougall, MD, FRCSC

Nurses and Allied Health Professional Workshop

Victoria Bains, BScN, RN
Caro Edelbroek, RGN
Nancy Polyhronopoulos, RN,
Rachel Whipp, RN BNurs.

Basic Science of Neuromodulation

Robert Foreman, PhD
Yun Guan, MD, PhD
Bert Joosten, PhD

Neuroprosthetics / Neural Engineering / Brain Computer Interface / Artificial Intelligence

James Fitzgerald, MBBS, PhD
Cameron McIntyre, PhD

Socioeconomics of Neuromodulation

Shivanand Lad, MD, PhD
Rod Taylor, PhD


Robert Levy, MD, PhD

Brain: Movement Disorders

Andrew Parrent, MD, FRCSC
Jan Vesper, MD, PhD

Brain: Neuropsychiatry (Noninvasive)

Joan Camprodon, MD, PhD
Dirk De Ridder, MD, PhD

Brain: Neuropsychiatry (Invasive)

Clement Hamani, MD, PhD
Bart Nuttin, MD, PhD

Brain: Epilepsy

Arthur Cukiert, MD, PhD

Brain: Neurorehabilitation

Andre Machado, MD, PhD

Brain: Pain

Peter Konrad, MD, PhD

Brain: Non-Invasive Stimulation

Eric Wassermann, MD

Spinal Cord

Stana Bojanic, MBBS FRCS (SN)

Spinal Cord: Pain

Peter Staats, MD

Spinal Cord: Intrathecal Drug Delivery for Pain

Sam Eldabe, MBBS, FRCA

Spinal Cord: Spasticity

Alexios Carayannopoulos, MD

Spinal Cord: Cardiovascular

Michael DeJongste, MD, PhD

Peripheral Nerve

Chris Winfree, MD

Peripheral Nerve: Headache

Denys Fontaine, MD
Chris Gilligan, MD, MBA

Peripheral Nerve: Pain

Christopher Gilmore, MD
Ashish Gulve, MD

Peripheral Nerve: Gastrointestinal

Tom Abell, MD

Jiande Chen, MD, PhD

Peripheral Nerve: Genitourinary

Stephan De Wachter, MD, PhD

Peripheral Nerve: Systemic Disease

Jeff Ardell, PhD
Leonardo Kapural, MD, PhD

Peripheral Nerve: Epilepsy

George M. Ibrahim, MD, PhD
Kristl Vonck, MD